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Tape Loops

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As some of you have certainly noticed, I have been experimenting with tape in the last weeks pretty much. Tape, precisely! This old things. Also known as magnetic tape. At...


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This year, I have met a really nice guy named Chris Corrado. He is a guitarist and is just as I also negotiating with the ambience soundscapes. We understood right...

Bells Breath Surround Sound Installation

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Die Raumtonaufnahme unserer aktuellen Installation „Bells Breath“ im Ulmer Münster. Mehr Informationen unter


Interview mit Andreas Usenbenz über Fieldrecording (eng.)

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2015 nahm ich am Dawn Chorus Day teil. Dieser Tag ist dem morgendlichen Gesang der Vögel und deren fassettenreichen Stimmen gewidmet. Später masterte die Klangmanufaktur das komplette Dawn Chorus Day…