Kindly the ChainDLK Magazine and Vital Weekly reviewed some of my latest solo and Band Works.

Lovver - X

Another interesting sonic appetizer I received from Andreas ‘Sonovo’ Usenbez’s imprint Klanggold seemed to have not a real signature, as the only pieces of information provided by the label about Lovver are related to its “line-up”: the band should consist of a post-rock guitarist and an avantgarde sound-mangler and noise-maker, but in spite of the lack of more details about their identities, these introductory words make sense as it could suggest the kind of sound you’ll meet while listening to this tape (or files, if you’ll choice the digital version). If you carefully check the website of the project, you’ll finally find their names out, as behind Lovver’s curtains there were the guitarist Chris Corrado together with Sonovo himself (the noise-maker), but that initial mysterious halo would have been likewise fascinating. It seems that Klanggold followed more or less the same choice of other releases, as this one includes just two tracks as well. Both of them are 10 minutes lasting and explores slightly different nuances of the same stylistic grounds. The first track “Cloud Logic” got somehow explained by his title as it’s an enjoyable intersection between board of Canada-like ethereal ambient sonorities, whose waves got slightly rippled by crispy noises, lovely elongated pad synths and a gently modified electronic groove that resembles some sonic scripts of German electronic chill-out music of the first 00’s. Clouds grow thicker in “Sermon” on the other side, whose opening minutes are a little bit more crepuscular before Lovver’s helmsmen manage to create a gap in the electronic granular net by inoculating soothing rhythmical patterns, guitar effected strokes and guitar-driven vapid melodies. Check it out!


Sonovo - A Line has Two Sides

Coming back after seven years of silence by means of a couple of tracks on a strictly limited (just 30 copies for his imprint Klanggold) yellow tape, lasting approximately six minutes each, could be compared to the announce of the discovery of lifeforms on Pluto after an astrophysicist interpreted the noise of his fart as a radio signal from that far planet. Anyway Sonovo, moniker of the smart sound artist and performer Andreas Usenbetz, came back by two impressive studies in minimal electronic music where he mainly squeezed a Microkorg and looped some samples as well as a field recording that Mark Baker grabbed at Peace Park in Hiroshima on the title-track „a line has two sides“ on Side A. Both the popping micropattern on this track and, even more, the more regular one on the other half of the tape, titled

„Serious Colors“ – in spite of its opening, that could sound like the looped noise of a gastroesophageal reflux or the one that could come from the squeezing of something slimy! -, features a minimal approach and a certain sense of balanced elegance that could vaguely resemble the stuff coming from German label ~scape by Stefan ‚Pole‘ Betke (not working since 2010, in spite of the high quality of its outputs) such as Pole, Jan Jelinek, Kit Clayton or System. We could forgive Andreas ‚Sonovo‘ Usenbetz, just if he’s going to release more lengthy stuff as soon as possible after this delicious tidbit. The way you’ll figure, forewarned is forearmed!